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rain with that, just the cloud cover increasing and it will cool back down as we head into thursday and friday. so a pretty good looking forecast. you can't complain. we have all five sweeps on, if you are heading to haggerstown, pick any place this morning and even by tomorrow, things are going to be looking good as we go through the remainder of the week. the humidity is at 89% as of now. so yes, that humidity is going to be a big story for today. it's not going to be sultry. here's the forecast. temperature around 68 degrees. lots of sunshine. make sure you have those sun shades and the sunscreen. you need sunscreen on a cloudy day, so keep that in mind. as we go into lunchtime, the temperature will be around 84 degrees. and forecasting a high of 87 degrees and we'll head back down into the 70s. so i missed you kimberly brown.
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>> it was an awesome day off. waking up at 6:30 felt good. everyone is headed back to work and school, things will get busy as rush hour progresses. we are working out a few things. as we take a peek at our maps w have a vehicle reported. no word if it's blocking any lanes. still working fire activity in columbia at harmel drive. that is closed. in baltimore city, a disabled vehicle reported, 95 southbound at eastern avenue. no word if it is blocking any lanes. and some fire activity on the west side that has liberty, hillsdale road between liberty heights and bell avenue. as you look at our cameras, 95 is moving well. this is going to be on top of the tunnel, as you see traffic is flowing nicely. megan and jamie, back to you. >> 2 minutes after 6:00 right now. you send your kid off to college and you worry about
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what they'll eat, how much they'll study, you shouldn't have to worry about them getting robbed or mugged, but that is certainly the concern this morning if your child is attending the university of maryland. linda so is here this morning live in our studio with information about an attack. >> that happened over the weekend. police say a student was hit in the face several times by a group of suspects who took his wallet. posters have been put up in dorms reminding students that the typical crime time happens between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. students are encouraged to walk in groups and avoid going out late at night. there have been two other similar attacks. on august 27, three students were robbed and assaulted as they were getting into a car in a hotel parking lot. police arrested three people in that case, but believe there are two more suspects. police say five suspects assaulted and robbed a group of suspects waiting at a bus stop. >> it's always a big deal for the freshman, because they
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don't know that much crime is happening so close. >> now at this point, police don't know if the incidents are related, but they do say there's a spike in crime when the fall semester starts. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. it is 6:03 and in baltimore county, police are investigating the death of a man who he has body was found in his inner harbor hotel room. the man's body was discovered by staff members at the renaissance baltimore harbor place yesterday afternoon. now at this point, foul play is not suspected. and now let's go to baltimore county. an investigation into a police involved shooting. investigators say that a man attacked an officer at the kings point shopping center in randallstown. a second officer pulled up, shot the suspect twice in the chest, that man is in critical, but stable condition. police are trying to figure out why he might have attacked the officer. >> the subject appeared to be
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emotionally disturbed. he was distraught. attacked the officers. >> now both officers involved are now on routine leave pending the outcome of this investigation. >> four minutes after 6:00 right now. police in baltimore county arrested a man they say stole a hand grenade from a home near pikesville last month. officials say 32-year-old lavar rich was taken into custody in baltimore city. police say that before arresting rich, they found two guns and a hand grenade at the forest apartments. rich is suspected in the home invasion, which happened last month on west ridge road in the pikesville area. new video this morning to show you of a fire near the hollywood casino. it killed 27 horses. this is cell phone video that you're looking at taken as tourists rushed in to help save those horses. the fire quickly spread to three buildings. 26 horses were able to make it
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out alive, but right now, no word on what caused the fire this morning. >> five minutes after 6:00. the orioles meet the yankees 4- 3. and none of what it's like to be back in new york. since he took over, the baltimore orioles are 20-13. brian roberts had the key hit yesterday and coach pitched a perfect 9th inning. finding a job is hard for some of the most qualified candidates. >> and one man is trying to get noticed and hired. plus, you want a baby but can't conceive the normal way? >> also ahead, these girls were running for a cause to catch up with the jonas brothers. i think i see jamie in there. the cause so important for the teen's top sensation. >> all right. and listen, if you are looking for work, it's him to get you
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back to work. we are trying to help you out. send your best recipe to we'll call you to tape a 20 second video pitch and watch yourself on air and on our website. let's head up to new york and get the latest in business news. >> and good morning. we begin your money scope report with president obama's new economic plans. today the president will propose letting businesses and corporations write off new investments and plants and equipment through next year. yesterday, he proposed a massive infrastructure overhaul. bp is investing in online ads to combat pr damage from the gulf oil spill. advertising aids obtained advertising ads from google. bp spent $3.6 million on google's search result ads. the justice department is investigating google's plans to
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buy ita software. soft airline flights use ita, but concerns whether google's rivals will have access to services. and finds that money does make people happy. the study found the more people make, the happier they are. the results level off after $75,000 a year. i'm rob nelson. that's your money scope report. this morning's money scope report is brought to you by dannon activia.
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all right, getting pregnant does not come easy for everyone. for some women it's a pain staking process that requires the help with modern medicine. >> we are taking a look at options and treatments for couples wanting to start a family. abc2 news, linda so, tells us about donor eggs. >> you want to see a trick,
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don't you? >> she always knew she wanted a baby. when she and her husband, doug, started trying and didn't get pregnant, it was disappointing. susan was about to get more bad news. >> i was going towards premature ovarian failure if i wasn't there already. >> susan would not be able to have her own biological child. she would use someone else's eggs. >> that was one of the worst phone calls i ever got. >> she is not able to get pregnant with her own eggs. >> she says donor eggs are on option for women who can't conceive on their own. >> she can't get pregnant with her own eggs. >> after consulting with her doctor, susan was ready. >> you might be afraid that they might not love you or you might not feel like their mother, but pretty much, those just disappear once you hold
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your baby in your arms. all these women bring their babies back to see us and they are so happy and they all tell me that after that transfer, they don't think about this baby as a donor egg baby. they think of it as my baby. >> for susan, anthony is a dream come true. >> there are days when i think about the donor who donated that cell. but i know he is my son, our son, and he was the child we were supposed to have. >> in croften, linda so, abc2 news. >> and tomorrow, how gestational carriers are making motherhood possible for women who can't physically carry their on own pregnancy, that's tomorrow. now the forecast certified most accurately weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, everyone. as we check out what's going on at the inner harbor.
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the sun hasn't risen yet, but it will be up soon and we are going be seeing plenty of sunshine. but it's a beautiful shot downtown this morning. so make sure you get out there and you enjoy what you have. there's a little bit of change in the forecast. let's reminisce a little bit together. let's take you back to yesterday where we had that temperature coming in at 82 degrees. 81 into altoona. pittsburgh came in at 68 degrees. now today, i'm forecasting 87. 87 was in charleston. this warm air is going to be coming our way. by tomorrow, i'm forecasting 88 degrees. currently, though, temperatures not too bad. but if you are on the cool side, the chilly side, make sure you grab that jacket, especially if you are going to be headed to the north. 60 into pittsburgh and baltimore is coming in at 62 degrees. we have some temperatures that are going to be warming up as
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we go through time. the satellite and radar, not picking up on a whole lot. cold front is going to make its way through as we go through tomorrow. we aren't going to be seeing too much rain with that. high pressure is off in the atlantic and we will start to warm things up. we get that return flow, if you will, and we'll get more humid and also going to see those warmer temperatures that i was just talking to you about. here's the gulf of mexico. gulf of mexico. we did have tropical storm harmine yesterday, it made land fall 40 miles south of south padre into mexico and it weakened a little bit. winds sustained at 50 miles an hour and it will continue to weaken as it comes in contact with that land. the biggest threat there, definitely going to be some rain fall across the area. some flooding. now this is what it looks like for our weather as we go in through tomorrow and also into thursday. we'll get more cloud cover as we go into wednesday. that's beginning to be the front that passes, but we are
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going to be getting sunshine. speaking of the temperatures, there's the 87 i was talking about. it's going to be mostly sunny and warmer than it was yesterday. yesterday we came in right around 82 degrees. 67 degrees for tonight. mainly clear, we do have that south breeze out there for you. that southerly breeze is a warm breeze and that will help us warm up as well and by tomorrow, the temperature will be at 88 degrees, increasing the cloud cover and we will be even warmer right around 88. all right, let's talk to kim brown. she has your traffic. how is it going? >> so far, so good. we have a couple things we are working around the area. for the most part, traffic is looking good in this 6:00 hour. as we look at our cameras, this is going to be route 97 at route 900. traffic is flowing freely. we have reports of a vehicle fire as you approach quarter field road. not any word as to whether or not it's blocking any lanes. earlier accident in baltimore
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city already cleared in north carolton avenue. we have that fire activity closed in both directions between liberty heights and bell avenue. some alternates, you can use glen oak avenue to get around that. also in columbia, that fire activity still lingering in the hickory ridge area that has harmel drive closed between shadow lane and watch chain way. you can get around that by taking cedar lane. we still do have reports of a vehicle fire. as far as drive times go, no problems on the harbor tunnel throughway. the 295 southbound, about a 15 minute trip. now on the outer loop, traffic is starting to build, but hardly any delays. only 6 minutes right now. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. 6:15 right now. with the nation's unemployment rate inching closely to the 9.6%. what does that number look
6:16 am
like? abc2's jeff hager shows us how desperate it has become for one of them. >> with his tie and sneakers, david started his day at 8:00 in the morning on the median strip of charles street. >> starting out, people would give me bags of food and say it's not me physically being hungry. >> no, david isn't homeless, he's jobless. what he can scrape together doesn't leave enough to live on. >> i know. how are you doing? >> i'm great, thanks. i don't have a whole lot. >> god bless you for your positive thoughts. >> i always had a job. >> at 52 years old, david spent most of his life in baltimore doing construction work, carpentry, and welding. after spending nine months with his wife and 14-year-old son in a shelter, he could no longer afford to wait to put those skills to use. that's when he got the idea for a street appeal. recalling the generosity of people when he served as a bell
6:17 am
ringer for the salvation army during the holiday season. >> people will give, you know, if they see -- people will give. i just had to be bold enough to put it out there. i said my wife -- i don't have nothing to be ashamed of. i'm not on drugs. i'm not trying to do this. >> while david is trying to make ends meet, he is also advertising to land janitorial work. no, he's not helpless. >> you have a nice holiday. >> he is hopeful. even if this is his only work for now. >> my wife and my son look up to me. you know, and that is a very inspiring to me. >> in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> and we wish him well. just to give you a snapshot of what david carter-bey and others are up against, the
6:18 am
nation's unemployment has topped 9% for the last 16 months, which is the longest stretch in 30 years. all right, 6:18. the car burning on the side of the road, i don't think you would run toward it, right? >> wait until you see this. three sheriff deputies did just that and the man inside that car is alive this morning thanks to them. what did you do your labor day? how about scaling this skyscraper in san francisco? that's what this guy did. and we are counting down the days until komen maryland race for the cure. it's early this year. it's going to be on october 3 and we would love to see you there set on a sunday in hunt valley. abc2 news will be live on the air. you can watch us to broadcast the event on sunday at 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 in the morning. if you would like to register for the big race, they could use your help. all the information is on our website, click on the lifestyle tab and then scroll down and click on
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it is 6:22. time to take a look at entertainment news. a judge has dismissed all charges against two people accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from actor john travolta. travolta and his family had asked the highly publicized case be dropped, saying it caused them unbelievable stress
6:23 am
and pain. [ screaming ] i don't know, justin bieber again? no, this time it was the 5k run in davey, florida, and among the loudest screaming fans, joe and nick jonas. the brothers were there to support the special olympics events and all the proceeds are going to remain right there in the state. all right, time for today's birthdays. here we go. kyle delancy, hope you get some birthday money. he lives out there in beautiful affington, happy birthday to you. >> if you are having a birthday, we would love to know about it. tell us, send us an e-mail with an attached photo with whoever it is celebrating a birthday so we can wish them a happy birthday. is the place to send
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it to. now it's 6:24 and sometimes all you need is a hug to change your mood. >> absolutely. these teens you don't know what they are going to give you for free. we're going to tell you all about it. >> and they are running to remember their fallen brothers and sisters on september 11. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, i'll have more on the tour of duty. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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now, good morning maryland. the primary election is a week from today. it's hard to believe, but can anything be done between now and when you mark your ballot to make you feel better about the economy? >> three sheriff deputies risked their lives to save the life of another. plus, they are built to entertain, not injure. you'll be checking the toy box after you hear about this one. about toxic toys. we have a report on that this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us on september 7. >> that's all right. it's friday. >> thinking friday already. >> meteorologist, lanette charles, get us through the week. >> well, friday is going to be spectacular. so i'm jumping ahead with you. let me bring you back now, because we will be dealing with a lovely day. we will be getting warmer today and we are going to be a bit more humid. increasing clouds by tomorrow. all of this is going to be courtesy of a cold front. and then we are going to cool
6:28 am
back down with that cold front as well. that's what i was talking about with megan a second ago. we'll see temperatures in the 70s. maryland's most powerful radar is looking pretty good if you like the dry weather. we have all five suites on. definitely looking good. we are going stay dry for the next several days outside. now dundock's temperature is coming in at 68 degrees and the winds will be out of the south. that's what we are definitely looking at terms of warming things up and bringing that humidity in as well. and then we are looking at your 12 hour forecast. looks good as well if you like the sunshine here. starting you out at 68 degrees. plenty of sunshine once again with that high, right around 87 and dropping temperatures back into the 70s. so, i had megan's approval. kim, do you like the forecast? >> love it. it is perfect for everyone to go back to school and go back to work after the long holiday weekend. so traffic is off to a mostly
6:29 am
good start so far. as we look right now at our cameras and our drive times, here's the beltway. now we are just getting word of an accident reported on the outer loop lanes. no word of any lane blockages. we have some fire activity in baltimore city that has roads closed as well. drive times are all going to be in the green. 95 southbound starting to pick up a little bit. as you approach the fort mchenry toll plaza, that will take you 6 minutes. no issues as you make your way on the outer loop lanes. only a 10 minute ride at this time. megan, back to you. >> 6:29 right now. 62 degrees. he calls it the most urgent task creating jobs and fixing the economy. president obama says he is going to keep fighting to turn the economy around, but spending $50 million the answer? emily schmidt is in washington with more. >> this week's president obama is pitching

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